As much as we all like snapchat, and instagram videos, lets try and up the ante from cell phone vids and create something you will be proud of!

Show us that you understand the purpose of this contest, show us that you comprehend the gravity of safe driving, and show us you care about what you're creating.



This is your chance to flaunt your mad creativity skills.  Think outside of the box and deliver something a little more unique than dancing cats or twerking vids.  We know you have it in you...let your creative brain shine! 


sj between the lines

Presented by Councilmember Johnny Khamis & Almaden Cares

Do you have what it takes to go viral?  Can you be a self promoter?  One third of this contest is proving you can make a video that's worth watching!  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...however you do it, make sure people are watching your creation!